Affiliation No.: 2133560

Our Vision

We bring Sunbeam to Gonda to fulfil the long lost need of the state of the art facilities and to ensure overall growth & development of the future of Gonda.

Sunbeam Gonda aims at ensuring that every student excels in their chosen fields by guiding them and shaping their future by providing all modern day facilities blended with the traditional values.

Sunbeam believes that in the modern day theoretical knowledge should be paired with practical application only after which a person can stand and shine amongst the crowd.

Sunbeam guides every student and prepares them for surviving in this competitive world by designing and implementing the academics in the most scientific way possible introducing its precept and well shaped curriculum for the overall development of every student.

Our Mission

Sunbeam Gonda aims at enabling every of its student to shape there future with excellence in their chosen field of duty and impart moral values to make the world a better place.

Sunbeam is not only a school but a family & moreover a community for its student. Sunbeam will not only educate its student but also it will help them in growing to their full potential and live their lives with their head held high.

Sunbeam Gonda will walk every step with your children and help them at every crossing, every stop & every hurdles that comes in the way of your childs growth.