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Rule & Regulations

Respected Parents,

Sunbeam School, Gonda is governed by Sunbeam School & DHK Eduserve, presenting the best education in Gonda, maintain and follow all the rules and regulation like other 31 branches, which will be changed according to the instruction & time.

  1. Discipline of the school (time, dress, lunch, bus services, punctualities, manner etc) to be followed properly.
  2. Parents can communicate through Almanac (Diary) / over the phone directly with the Class Teacher, Teacher – In – Charge, Principal (if the problem not solved by them).
  3. All complaints will be accepted, if it will come through the process (written or almanac) as well as post, direct to the Principal’s consent. You are also requested to wait 24 hours, after getting consent from the Principal.
  4. Parents are requested to check the Almanac & Precept everyday and sign and communicate / cross check your queries.
    Carrying Almanac is mandatory throughout the year, else accountable in front of the class teacher/principal.
  5. Any kind of unwanted/indiscipline behavior of the students will not be accepted during the journey or in the classroom. Subject to remove from the school anytime.
  6. All the students have to participate in all programs as per norms of the school according to the class and its nature and the minimum charges have to bear them without any consideration.
  7. No request will be granted if the students will absent during any Unit Test/Exam, though you can do the prayer with the medical certificate in the case of broken injury.
  8. You have to follow the payment procedure of the school, cheques are not accepted. The last date of payment is 15th of that particular month else you have to bear a nominal fine/penalty which has been determined by the authority in both cases (Tuition fees 300Rs. and bus fees 100Rs). Dues more than three months and absent without information (only medical) is the subject to remove the name from attendance register, you have to take a new admission by paying admission charges.
  9. No students are allowed without absentee letter with valid reason on Almanac on provided place signed by the responsible person (Guardian Father/Mother).
  10. Transfer Certificate, Birth Certificate, Aadhaar is mandatory during the time of admission (within 7 days) else the admission will be cancelled, though one-time admission fee is non-refundable.
  11. Parents must come on the day of Report card distribution along with their kids and Almanac (fees should be updated before collecting R.C).
  12. In case of emergency to stop the bus service, you have to give a prior one month notice else you have to pay all.
  13. Complain related to the academic progress of the students, will be accepted only if the guardians are present during the PTM and regular communicating with teacher for the related matter. (No connection with school/Bus Fees).
  14. Any kind of unwanted indiscipline behavior of the parents towards the Teachers, Principal and Management over the phone / WhatsApp / in the meeting, will not be accepted. Subject to take the action from the management.

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With Regards
Sunbeam School Gonda