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Sunbeam Smart School

Dear Parents

Welcome to the ever growing family of Sunbeam schools. The Sunbeam Schools epitomize state-of the art, technology-aided learning system which is delivered by educationists par excellence straight from the heart. In our endeavor to revolutionize education and harness different skills in a child, we have introduced various learning and teaching programs which not only develops their mental agility but also aids in reading, communication, presentation and life skills. We would take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of these programs.

Multiple Intelligence : Sunbeam schools recognize that children learn in myriad ways and demonstrate intelligence beyond mere language and mathematical abilities. MI incorporated in our teaching helps them to understand and learn it the way they want to. The MI tests that we conduct provide details regarding the dominant and dormant intelligence in a child and suggestions on how to nurture and hone them up. We also have provision for mapping MI through the science of Dermatographics.

The Etiquette Club : This club grooms the children in terms of etiquettes and confidence to stand out in a crowd during the course of a celebration or a function and of course in everyday life too. This 6 class course is held on 6 consecutive Sundays and ends with a celebration in McDonalds / Pizza Hut. The course fees for the same is informed through notice to children. Participation in this club is completely optional.

Technology Aided Learning : To enhance our academic delivery system, all classes across Sunbeam schools till class X are digitized have taken another in associations with renowned software giants, Digiclasses. The extensive use of Computer Graphics, Computer Aided Tools and Learning Software through these technology aided classes has developed the learning capacity of students and increased their understanding.

Counseling : Counseling is an important and effective way of dealing with stress and strain of everyday life. In order to help students cope with problems like lack of concentration, restlessness, disinterest in studies, aggressiveness, behavioral and emotional disorders etc., we have a trained psychologist in the school. Students and parents are encouraged to come and discuss their problems with the counselor and seek guidance. Teachers are the first hand counselors and the school also has trained counselor for the same.

Shiamak Davar’s Institute for Performing Arts (SDIPA)- Taking inspiration from their motto “Have Feet. Will Dance”, Sunbeam students will have the pleasure to be trained by SDIPA with an objective to offer an opportunity to learn dance with special focus on styles and techniques. Besides the knowledge of dance, Shiamak's Dance Education (SDE) also helps to de-stress students and develop well-rounded personalities. The syllabus draws from Jazz Technique, Ballet Exercises, Indian Dance Forms, Yoga, Physical Training Disciplines, Dance Therapy Activities and The Theatre Arts to offer students an outlet for personal growth and creative expression in this workshop by India's foremost modern dance choreographer and director.

Leisure Time Activity helps children to broaden their vision and enhance classroom learning. These activities are done under the guidance of experts who are masters in their respective fields.

Asset Diagnostic Test conducted by Educational Initiatives, Ahmedabad : All our students from classes III to X participate in Asset diagnostic test taken by the best of schools from all over India and abroad for students to help pin-point their strengths and weaknesses in core subjects and also provide them a benchmark with their peers. The schools also get to know specific areas requiring attention. From this year the Asset test will be held in English, Maths & Science.

Career Information Cell : In order to keep students abreast of all happenings across and to provide them more information on the career front, to help them decide on a fruitful career and provide them in-depth information on the same, we have Career Information Cell for students from class VIII upwards. Trained Career counselors from Young Buzz, Mumbai also conduct special sessions on career avenues for our senior school students. Director ICS is on our advisory council as well.

School Cinema : The reality of how our children are growing today is very different from what it used to be. The world has enormously changed. Bullying, fear, pressures, stress, have all taken over our children, and they have more to deal with than our earlier generations ever did. And when it comes to teaching our children about this new world, the need of the hour is a method of communication through which we can talk to them, in a language they can understand. Today, films have an unbelievable impact in society, indirectly educating & influencing thousands across the country. We are happy to bring to our students – a film-based learning module supported by a fun and exciting workbook, designed to introduce and reaffirm life-skills, values and morals to children in the form of School Cinema. The films that the students will see under SC will deal with a range of topics like values, life skills, citizenship, national integration and understanding children.