Sunbeam Gonda

In the modern era, Knowledge is Power. Knowledge is
world. Sunbeam Gonda will be following CBSE
what makes a person stand out & shine amongst the
curriculum and subsequently applying for CBSE
crowd. But knowledge is not complete in itself unless affiliation in due course. Sunbeam Gonda since its
paired with a moral character that’s when it becomes
inception will be equipped with the best infrastructure
education. Sunbeam Gonda to be from Nursery to Class in the town with the latest computer and science
VIl in the first year and eventually plans to span the laboratories, library, auditorium, teachers’ resource
entire schooling years (i.e. Nursery o Class XIl) and be
centre and a huge playground besides, many leisure
subsequently affiliated to CBSE. It is the answer to long
activity clubs, periodic personality development
felt need of a quality school which propagates
workshop, co – curricular and extracurricular activities.
education to inculcate confidence in students to be
We bring to you Sunbeam School at Gonda with a sole
global citizens yet be rooted to their culture and
aim to help your children gain the proper blend of
traditions. Sunbeam Gonda will have the best of knowledge and its application and provide overall
infrastructure and promise new benchmarks in school
development to our students. Sunbeam Gonda is
education with full Air conditioned classrooms and A.C equipped with modern day amenities and a perfect
School busses fitted with GPS. We aspire to gift to the
touch of the traditional values shaping the life of our
society youngsters rooted in culture and tradition but children to make this world a better place.
having a modern vision for making a difference to the